Finance for the Future LLP is a partnership between chartered accountant and economic justice campaigner Richard Murphy and environmentalist Colin Hines.

Richard Murphy is Professor of Accounting, Sheffield University Management School as well as the director of Tax Research UK and the Corporate Accountability Network. A biography for him is available here, and his CV is available here.

Colin Hines is the creator and convener of the Green New Deal group.

Together Richard and Colin have worked on the Green New Deal, the promotion of local authority bonds and pension reform, all with the objective of releasing funding for green investment in the UK. Their recent work has concentrated on the uses of green quantitative easing and how the tax incentivised savings of UK resident people can provide the funding required for the Green New Deal.

The Polden Puckham Charitable Foundation and the Marmot Charitable Trust have provided all the funding for this work in recent years.

Our accounts are available here.

Recent publications by the partnership are to be found on the publications page of this website.

Much of our work is publicised by Richard Murphy through the Tax Research UK website as it has greater reach than we have here. Some is also published in association with the Green New Deal Group.

The informal oversight and advice of Larry Elliott, Jeremy Leggett, Caroline Lucas, Jonathan Porritt, Ann Pettifor and others for the work that we undertake is gratefully acknowledged but they are not responsible for the work that we produce.