Privacy Policy

Key Roles

Data Subject: You reading this document

Data Controller: Richard Murphy

Data Processor: Richard Murphy


Finance for the Future LLP holds some personal data of commenters on our website.

If a data subject leaves a comment on the website the name and email address of the commentator is stored in the website database. Only the name is viewable publicly.

Finance for the Future LLP makes no use of the stored email addresses. They are not shared with anyone. The only occasion that they are used is if Finance for the Future LLP has to make contact with the commentator to discuss an issue raised in the comment.

Data Subjects can also subscribe to receive email digests of blog posts from the website via Google’s Feedburner service. This requires email confirmation through the Google Feedburner service. Finance for the Future LLP has no access to personal data on that service.


If you would like to see what personal data we hold about you electronically and on paper, we have a legal duty to comply and will happily do so. You will need to confirm your identity with a photographic form of I.D. like a passport or driving licence. We will only be able to process requests made with photo I.D. We will respond within the statutory time limit of 1 month.

Policy Date 10 August 2021

Website Privacy and Cookie Policy


Effective date of this version: 10 August 2021

Finance for the Future LLP is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.

This webpage tells you the data protection and privacy practices for this site, specifically:

  • What personally identifiable information is collected
  • Which organisation is collecting this information
  • How this information is used

Plain English Summary

We take your privacy very seriously.

Finance for the Future LLP  not actively track you as an individual.

Should you send us an email via the contact form, your name, email address and message will be emailed to us (as you would expect). This information is kept private. We will store this information within our own email system so that we are able to respond to you.

Should you comment on a blog post or web page on this site, then your name, email address, IP address and message will be stored in our website database (as you would expect). This makes your name, website address and comment (but not your email address) viewable by the general public on the website.

The website does use some cookies when you browse this website. These are used to ensure the proper running of this website, and also to help us improve your experience when browsing.

This site used Facebook cookies for the like buttons.

None of the information we gather via cookies identifies you as an individual - it is all entirely anonymous.

The cookies we use are detailed below:

Blog Post Comments
If you leave a comment on the website e.g. on a page, article or blog post, then a cookie may be stored to 'remember' your email address for the next time you post (should you choose the "remember me" option).

Cookie Policy Footer
In the footer of each web page on this site you will see a message alerting you of our privacy and cookie policy. If you've seen this message once, you probably won't want to see it again. We use a cookie to remember this setting. User data is all anonymous.

WordPress is the Content Management System (CMS) that runs this website. It uses a "session cookie" when logging in and out and is essential for proper website operation. User data is all anonymous.